All You Need To Know About Engineered Wood Flooring.

Posted On November 8th, 2020

All You Need To Know About Engineered Wood Flooring.

Wooden flooring is always the first choice for most homeowners, since it has the appeal and style as well as a lot of practical uses. Solid wooden flooring was considered to be the only viable kind of wooden flooring until quite recently, however, once cannot discount the fact that this method is not very environment-friendly or very pocket-friendly either, for that matter. Engineered hardwood flooring has taken over the market now due to its many advantages. There are still many doubts about the viability of engineered flooring as a safe and reliable alternative to solid wood flooring. Read on to know more about engineered wood flooring and its benefits.

Is engineered wood flooring moisture resistant?

One of the most common misconceptions regarding engineered wood flooring is that it is invincible to water damage. This is sometimes used as a marketing gimmick to make people opt for engineered wood flooring. However, this is not completely true. While it is certainly more resistant to moisture than solid wood flooring, water damage cannot be completely beaten by any natural product. It is important to go through the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the relative humidity required to maintain the floor.

Is it true that engineered wood flooring is more durable than solid wood flooring?

This would completely depend on the kind of exposure the floor gets. If there is not a lot of water damage and stable weather conditions, even solid wood flooring can last for a considerably long period. In general terms, engineered wood flooring is designed to last longer. Layers of plywood are glued together and covered with a layer of particular species of wood at the top. This ensures that the floors expand and contract lesser than solid wood floors and thus, last for a longer time.

Since the glues used for these floors are made with formaldehyde, are they safe?

It is always a good idea to ensure that the manufacturer adheres to the local and national safety standards, hiring a flooring professional will help in this. A lot of manufacturers use alternatives or design the floors so that formaldehyde emission is extremely low. If anyone on your household experiences any strange symptoms, it is a good idea to get your house inspected for mold and allergens as well, not just formaldehyde emissions.

How can someone determine whether the flooring is of good quality?

Engineered wood floors have different quality standards. The best indicator is the quality of the plywood used, since it is the very foundation of the flooring. It is better to consult with the contractor to decide what kind of veneer you would require. Mostly, customers decide the quality by looking at the finish, however, the finish is simply the end result- the construction of the product and the different layers determine the overall quality.

These are the most commonly asked questions about engineered wood flooring. It should be kept in mind that this is a more eco-friendly alternative to solid wood flooring and can be significantly cost-effective as well, not to mention, they can be customised. While these benefits may be a swaying factor, it is always advisable to only choose manufacturers with a good reputation, to get a good quality floor with little or no formaldehyde emissions.



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