Choose the best flooring for different sections of your home

Posted On June 20th, 2022

Choose the best flooring for different sections of your home

Who doesn’t love living in a beautiful house with eye-pleasing details that catch the attention of the guests and neighbours? Every corner of your home should outstand; after all, it is the only place that belongs solely to you and represents your lifestyle. When it comes to interiors, the flooring requires a lot of thought. House Flooring is the first thing anyone looks at when they first visit your home. It shows your lifestyle, your personal style, and how well you care about your place. Flooring subconsciously signals the mind about the hygiene and care one does of their house. No wonder you can have an estimate about anyone just by visiting them once. But often, homeowners get confused and are unaware of which type of flooring suits their house the most. Many would simply choose the ones that look eye-pleasing and are low-cost, but in the long run, neither it seems excellent nor sustainable. Choosing the perfect flooring for your home does not depend upon only one but multiple factors. Therefore, if you are planning to renovate your flooring, pay special attention to this article as you will get many insights about what kind to choose for which area of your home. Keep reading till the end.



Every family member interacts with a kitchen that stays busy for some part of the day. As all the cooking and preparation is done in the kitchen, it is prone to stains and spilling of water and other liquids everywhere. So you require a type of flooring in the kitchen which is easy to clean and isn’t slippery even with water. In such cases, Tile flooring, Vinyl Flooring, and Concrete Flooring are the best options. All of them are waterproof and sturdy. Most of the materials are durable but depend on the variant so pick a reliable brand. 



Living Room

The living room is the busiest area of the house, with the most interactions via guests, family time, or any get-together. So the most durable and comfortable flooring should be placed in this area. According to experts, the best material for this space is Hardwood or Carpet flooring. Both are very popular in modern homes while being aesthetically appealing. Carpet is seen in most houses as a sign of luxury in many parts of the country. It does not corrode or oxidize like other materials and comes in various forms like carpet tiles and carpet broadlooms. You can see what suits your need. But if you have children at home, broadloom is a better option but not for pets. Hardwood is perfect for homes that like cleanliness and won’t tolerate a bit of mess. Hardwood is easy to clean and very strong to handle many loads. So if you want to host parties frequently at your home, installing hardwood is an excellent option for living space. 



Bathroom Area

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a risky place to slip and get you a sprain. So for that, Ceramic and Porcelain Flooring are the best options. You can also opt for waterproof Vinyl Flooring. Natural stone and concrete are also suitable, but the appearance could get boring after some time, and it may not create the best illumination. 


Bed Room

The bedroom is a personal area, and it has the least interaction, including only family members, so that you can opt for any of the flooring based on your choice. But the most popular and widely used material is carpet, which creates the feeling of warmth and coziness in the most comfortable part of the house. Other than that, you have many options like 

  • Hardwood 
  • Laminates
  • Cork 
  • Vinyl
  • Ceramic or Stone

Just try to avoid glossy tiles and marble flooring or granite as they don’t go with current times and aren’t functional in bedrooms.






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