The Flatter the Better – A Peek into Vinyl Flooring Installation Techniques

Posted On February 21st, 2017

The Flatter the Better – A Peek into Vinyl Flooring Installation Techniques

Quite some time back, most of the vinyl flooring was set in place in a similar manner. It was fully spread and glued down. That glue involved here is doing more than just the basic bonding the floor to the substrate. In fact, it is responsible for performing a structural role, catering dimensional stability and assisting the flooring to combat expansion and contraction.

Glue down vinyl floors can get away with having a very low profile – our Evoke LV ‘Stick’ products are a mere 2mm or 3mm thick – as the adhesive layer actually acts as a firming, regenerating component in the entire flooring assembly, heartrending up the flooring with extra volume and structural strength.

In recent times, we have come across a few more installation options that don’t need the use of adhesive: click together and loose lay. These products are clearly faster and more convenient to set up in place than traditional glue down ones.

A notable difference between loose lay or click together vinyl products and glue downs is that they are considerably thicker than glue down styles; 4mm or 5mm thickness is typical.  These products require enough mass to be installed by force of gravity individually. Hence, the extensive profile.

But these no-glue products also bypass on the stabilizing clout that the adhesive accommodates. To satisfy, many click and loose lay LV products are manufactured with a layer of fiberglass in between the vinyl. The fiberglass provides dimensional balance to the plank just like a glue layer would, and permits the flooring to be set up in place in glue less techniques by preserving its shape and structure. The fibreglass is designed especially to keep the plank laying fully flat and square.

When you glue down vinyl planks to a subfloor that is not as flat as it could be, the planks will accommodate to the profile of floor – even if it’s a little off spec – and the adhesive will hold them strongly in place trouve ici. The bottom line is that any kind of vinyl flooring needs subfloors that are flat so as to perform efficiently and be the most aesthetically pleasing. The subfloor leveling specification for all Evoke LV products is 1/8″ over 8’. Ensure that your subfloor meets that level of tolerance and your vinyl floor should stay flat and happy, no matter what installation method it uses.



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