Hardwood Flooring Suppliers & Installers

Posted On September 9th, 2016

Hardwood Flooring Suppliers & Installers

Alliance Floor Source is a hardwood flooring supplier and installer with a selection of hundreds of hardwood species/stains combinations in their showroom located in North Toronto.

There are many choices of hardwood widths, lengths, and final finish to suit all tastes and applications, from matte to glossy all from reputable brands. If you are looking for any specific hardwood flooring in the Greater Toronto Area, please come visit our showroom and consult with our knowledgeable and helpful staff about your project!

Solid hardwood in the Toronto area buildings is typically used for structural purposes. The solid hardwood floors are installed perpendicular to the support beams of the building they are placed in. Today, construction techniques rarely use solid wood frames for their structures. Instead solid hardwood is more for its esthetic charm. Solid hardwood flooring suppliers like Alliance Floor Source of Toronto all know that this type of wood flooring has its limitations due to the natural characteristics of wood. Moisture and temperature fluctuations cause solid hardwood to expand and contract so you must consider that fact when deciding what type of wood flooring you would like to have in your home. There is no standard size when it comes to the solid hardwood flooring you will find in our Toronto store, but typically the largest they come in is 5” wide by ¾” thick so as not to compromise the structure of the flooring. Alliance Floor Source of Toronto also recommends that solid hardwood flooring not be placed directly over concrete due to the possibility of trapping moisture beneath the flooring causing multiple problems. Solid wood can be cut into three different styles they are rift-sawn, flat-sawn and quarter-sawn. Quarter-sawn and rift-sawn will have the same appearance because only one side of the wood is visible on flooring.

Alliance Floor Source has solid hardwood flooring installation crews ready for your Toronto area home. Our staff uses a nail down installation process for your solid hardwood flooring installation needs. Please come and visit our store and see our selection of solid hardwood in the Toronto area!

Alliance Floor Source installs and supplies this product using a nail down installation process.



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