How to Maintain Hardwood Flooring?

Posted On August 14th, 2021

How to Maintain Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood maintenance is fairly easy. You can go about your day-to-day activities without having to do something exclusive and expensive to take care of the hardwood. However, certain measures are important to keep its functionality and shine intact for flooring of any kind. Is it difficult to look after hardwood flooring? No. Is it essential? Yes. Here are the most crucial steps that you should take to keep your hardwood floor up and shiny for a long time. 


Mopping the floor: Do not use a wet mop to clean hardwood flooring. Although hardwood flooring is water-resistant, water may seep through fine cracks of wood from within that may damage it. Use a dry mop to clean the floor. If the floor needs a thorough cleaning, call upon a cleaning service. In any case, do not use water excessively on the hardwood floor. If you absolutely have to use water, never use it directly. The application must always be through a damp cloth. 


Use humidifiers: The nature of wood is such that it expands during winters and shrinks during summers. Wood also expands during rains. You may have felt difficulty closing a wooden door all the way in as it does not fit on the edges. Humidifiers treat dryness and moisture in the air, which minimizes or curbs the shrinking and expansion. 


Vacuum Cleaning: Vacuum cleaning the floor is the most effective way of cleaning it. It is quick, hassle-free, does not require any liquid cleaning and is reliable. The corners of the room are specially to look after since negligence can cause the accumulation of dust that can be harmful to the body. Keep in mind not to use a vacuum beater bar as it can significantly damage the quality of the hardwood. 


Lay down doormats and rugs: This goes without saying. When you put so much effort and money into building a nice, sophisticated home, you should make it a priority to keep it clean. Keep doormats at all entrances, including for those of bathrooms and washrooms. Use carpet in the halls so that the dust collects on it instead of on the floor. If heavy dust accumulations are concentrated on the rugs and doormats, it will be easy to clean, and the floor can be taken care of by a quick broom. 


Glue felt pads for furniture protection: The legs of the furniture may cause scratches and dents on the surface of the floor. This may cause the floor to sink and depress, which may cause the floor to get uneven. For the same reason, the hardwood floor must be protected from dents and scratches. The best way is to use glue felt pads. They act like a rubber surface that stays in place when some furniture is dragged. It protects the floor from all the implications mentioned above. 


Floor polishing: Although hardwood alone will last you for decades, it is vital to acter to its basic needs, one of which is regular polishing. No matter the kind of hardwood, its polishing and cleansing once every four to five years are vital. This keeps the floor strong and checks for any mould growth along the edges or underneath it. Additionally, polishing the floor renews its shine giving your house a newer look, yet again. 


Stain removal: Any stains on the floor should be immediately removed with a damp cloth to prevent any after-marks. It can degrade the appearance and damage the quality of the affected plank. You need to be extra careful if you have kids at home since the chances of spilling increase multiple folds in that case. Sticky substances should not be scratched from the floor but instead gently removed with the help of ice. 




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