Make Your House Look chic with Unique Hardwood Flooring. 

Posted On July 17th, 2021

Make Your House Look chic with Unique Hardwood Flooring. 

Hardwood floors are the new important. Whether you are buying your house or getting it custom-made, hardwood floors will not disappoint you. The proper installation of these might be a little expensive but if you consider the safety and the sophisticated appearance they impart to your house, it starts to look like a fair deal. 


Types of hardwood flooring 


Laminate flooring: This is a synthetic flooring material that looks like real wood and is easy to maintain. It has a protective overlay and has a waterproof base layer. However, it still needs to be protected from moisture since it may cause to swell in excess water. 


Bamboo flooring: This is made by compressing bamboo fibres under high temperature and pressure. Bamboo is naturally tough and durable and resistant to water. Since bamboo grows faster than hardwood, it is more sustainable for usage. 


Cork flooring: This is installed in multilayers which are made of the bark of the cork oak tree. This is naturally resistant to pathogens and bad bacteria. It is more popular because it is heat and sound-resistant and gives a pleasing and aesthetic touch to your living space. It is biodegradable, sustainable, and eco-friendly which is a huge relief for the environment as well as your house. 


Parquet flooring: This can be installed using both engineered wood or solid hardwood. It is made by shaping the wood in the form of different geometric patterns and weaving it all together to finally lay it down. It is best for people who want to give their house a little traditional or suburban touch.   


Advantages of Hardwood Flooring  


 Enhances the appearance of your home: Hardwood flooring makes your house clean and warm. Some people believe that wood along with glass railings make space look bigger. Hardwood flooring is elegant and since it is just the one layer that completely covers the house, it makes the place look collected and bigger than it is. 


Low maintenance and easy to clean: Unlike tiles, hardwood flooring is easy to clean. It does not get as slippery, and the stains are easily visible which makes the removing process even easier. They can be vacuumed, swept, or just steam cleaned to remove any dirt that might have accumulated. Even if something spills, all that is needed is a wipe and voila. It comes as a great advantage for people who have kids and are always open to mishappenings in the house. It is kid-friendly and does not ask a lot from you to keep it clean. 


Strong and Durable: Hardwood flooring is super strong and resistant to any major damage. With proper care and maintenance, a one-time flooring can last for decades. Denting or scratching is not very commonly observed in hardwood flooring which is why they are more in demand and are more promising. 


Adds value to the house: Hardwood flooring is hands down one of the best options to go for if you want your house to look rich and elegant for a reasonable amount of money. Even if you want to sell your house, a house with hardwood flooring sells for more than the one that is covered in carpet flooring. Even after a hundred years, hardwood flooring can be good as new if it is well taken care of. 


Matches all aesthetics: Hardwood flooring is unique to all house themes. Whether it is modern, contemporary, urban, or any other interior design, wooding flooring goes with all. It matches the wall, the showpieces, the furniture, and anything else that you want to throw in the frame. 



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