New Homeowners’ Guide to Choose Flooring for Bedrooms

Posted On March 17th, 2021

New Homeowners’ Guide to Choose Flooring for Bedrooms

When choosing the flooring type for your nook, you have to be very specific with the kind of style you want to achieve. Your room space should be luxurious and cozy and no element should look off. Although carpet sounds to be the safest and convenient option here, there are plenty more choices you can find in the market.

Before we head onto knowing them in detail, first understand the general criteria to be taken into account for the selection:

  • Aesthetics. Your personal preferences, flooring look, pattern, variations, color and gloss level are covered here.
  • Cost. Your budget range and long-term return on investment are considered.
  • Your expectations, room foot traffic, slip resistance, water resistance, and UV light protection are evaluated.
  • The frequency and type of maintenance are assessed.
  • Environmental impact. Sustainability, durability, and eco-friendliness are checked.
  • Installation process and duration are weighed.
  • Warranty and guarantee is confirmed

Now, let us explore various flooring options that will help achieve your bedroom transformation goal –

Hardwood Flooring

How many of us knew this was coming? Well, hardwood has always been a classic and timeless flooring option. The warmth and beauty it adds to the space cannot be put into words. Whether you are going for contemporary looks or modern feels, wood flooring works with all.

Pick ash, walnut, oak, or maple and choose in strip, plank, or parquet form – the collections are incredibly endless. But, first, consider the size of your bedroom to avoid an overwhelming appearance. Your flooring specialist can help. The maintenance and refinishing can be a bit tricky and costly but worth every penny.

Engineered Wood Flooring

This flooring kind is as robust and beautiful as wood flooring but has the upper hand with the stability and resistance factor. It is because engineered wood flooring is constructed using three to nine layers of different wood veneers. The top layer is real wood, but underneath is a ply base.

And an interesting part is that it doesn’t warp like hardwood. In fact, many homeowners facing high humidity issues in their bedrooms can easily opt for engineered wood stress-free. Two-toned wood grid flooring can be added for extra dimension in an otherwise minimal-styled bedroom.

Laminate Flooring

If a budget-friendly or quick DIY makeover is what you are looking for in your bedroom, then laminate flooring is your best bet. The laminate film can have a printed photo of wood (you can also opt for stone) coated with plastic coating.

The buying cost is inexpensive, and the installation fee is zero if you are doing it yourself. The longevity is at par with solid wood but the scratch and moisture resistance is higher. So, dealing with spills and messes around the room is easier to handle. And not to forget, you don’t require waxes or varnishes for good flooring looks.

Vinyl Flooring

Two of the biggest benefits of vinyl over all other bedroom flooring options are its affordability and an unlimited design choice. You get to choose from abundant designs, colors, and styles, from wood, tile, stone to stunning graphic effects. Hence, you can pick whatever suits your needs and the house décor.

Vinyl or Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) was initially used for bathrooms and kitchens for their waterproof nature but now its versatile nature is seen in bedrooms too. The only downside is that it is made of plastic and cannot be recycled. So, if you have a green choice, this flooring option may not be for you.



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