Tips to expand the life of your hardwood flooring

Posted On November 16th, 2021

Tips to expand the life of your hardwood flooring

Installing the right kind of flooring is the first thing you need to do to update your house’s feel instantly. Flooring is used to protect the structural integrity of the house. When we install the excellent flooring material, we can get the benefits of it for years. Also, it brings about a considerable change in the aesthetics of the house. The natural materials used in the flooring create a very timeless look and perfectly blend with the house’s interiors. The flooring gives an excellent surface to walk through and hold heavy materials. Going for other renovations or changing the house’s structure may put a dent in your budget but installing the suitable flooring materials can add to the value of your home.

When you install wooden flooring in your house, you are all sorted for years. The hardwood floors are effortless to clean and maintain. The wooden flooring can undergo a lot of wear and tear and withstand the test of time. Whether your property is new or old, installing hardwood flooring can be the right choice. This type of flooring is very durable and is resistant to spills. Also, this type of flooring adds charm and character to your place as the hardwood flooring color doesn’t fade away quickly. There is a lot of variety in the hardwood flooring, and you can choose the color and texture of your liking. But without any doubt, no material can last for an extended period if not correctly cared for. So here are a few tips to prolong the life of the hardwood flooring:

Clear the dust and debris from the floor: The hardwood floors are generally installed in high-traffic areas. It is very evident that they will have a lot of dust and debris accumulation. However, the hardwood floors are very durable and can last for generations; they still need to be cleared of dust and debris as early as possible. For this purpose, you can sweep the floor once or twice a day. Also, ensure the vacuuming process is carried out properly so that the floor doesn’t have to bear scratches. Be very gentle while vacuuming and ensure soft materials for the same.

Try to keep the floors dry: When the hardwood floors are installed at any place, they should be adequately sealed. Sealing the floor will protect it from excessive moisture and prevent the water from going inside the flooring. Also, try to keep the hardwood floors as dry as possible because there may be times when the floor is not sealed correctly, and the water may get inside the materials. The cleaning process should also be done in a very smooth way not to break the sealant underneath.

Protect the hardwood floors from sunlight: We have a lot of openings in our houses for proper ventilation. But there may be one drawback as the excessive sunlight will enter inside the house. The natural light will generally flood the room and lead to fading and discoloration of the hardwood floors. The very simple way to get rid of the excessive sunlight is to make use of the curtains and the blinds that may block the natural light in our house. You can adjust the blinds and curtains according to your need and keep the wooden floors new and refreshed.

Make use of rugs: The hardwood flooring only looks good when it is shiny and is not prone to any scratches or scrapes. The new hardwood floors will undoubtedly look dull after being installed in the high traffic areas. In such cases, we can make a very smart move and cover up the rugs and carpets. The rugs and carpets can be easily installed in the entrances. This will also ensure that the extra dust and dirt from our footwear is washed there. This will prolong the life of your hardwood floors.



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