Tips to Keep the Solid Hardwood Floors Going in Long Run

Posted On July 11th, 2022

Tips to Keep the Solid Hardwood Floors Going in Long Run

Hardwood or timber floors are considered to a worthy investment by many homeowners for their sheer quality and durability.  For these reasons that are one of the most popular forms of flooring and are greatly demanded by many folks.

So as to maintain the aesthetic appeal of these floors, it is vital to take proper care of the floors every now and then. For dust, debris or spillages can hamper the natural appearance of the solid hardwood floors. Moreover, poor maintenance of wooden floors will not only make them look shabby, nasty but also adversely impact their quality and longevity.

So with solid hardwood floors in your premises, you need to take special, extra care of these floors to keep them going in the long run and maintain their finish and natural appearance.

Read below some of the tips to maintain and protect your timber floors from damages. No doubt they might cost you time, efforts but will definitely promise you with the good floor in long run.

  • Vacuum Regularly and Carefully:

Vacuums are good cleaners but they can damage your wooden floor at the same time. So next time you pull a vacuum cleaner to clean the hardwood floors, make sure you use canister model cleaners as they don’t have bars and can work best on solid floors.

In addition, make sure the model of vacuum you are using has bars that are raised high enough to avoid their contact with the floor.

  • Make Provisions for Under Floor Ventilation:

In case your solid hardwood floors rest on open earth or close to an area where there is moisture, then make sure that moisture problem is resolved and proper provisions for underfloor ventilation are made for. If not, the moisture will adversely affect the wood, causing an opposite effect of direct sunlight which is further dangerous, further resulting in swollen floors with a bulgy appearance on the top.

  • Keep Water Away:

Mopping is a great way to keep away the dust. But when you mop the wooden floors, make sure to use a damp cloth. The best way to mop the solid floors is to use a dish wash soap and ringing out the mop until the floor gets barely damp.

In case you are using wood grain, avoid rinsing it off and buff the floor with a cleaning cloth.

  • Use Furniture Pads:

Solid hardwood floors are prone to scratches that are resultants of moving furniture from one place to the other. To avoid the scratching of the wood floors, furniture pads should be applied on the furniture legs.

Using such pads makes it easier to move the furniture without even hitting your spines while picking it up to clean or move to other locations.

  • Get them Polished as and when required:

Eventually, upon the passage of time, wooden floors tend to lose their finish and touch. So to keep them shine, lustrous in long run, it is essential to get them polished. Polishing will restore its original look and fill in all the scratches and wears and tears.

  • Use Appropriate Cleaning Products:

Supermarket products can leave a residual layer over the hardwood floors, deterring the quality of the floors. Hence when using various cleaning products, it is essential to use only those products that are recommended by the hardwood floor manufacturers only. This will not only save the floors from damages but also save you bucks in getting them refurnished.

  • Don’t forget to take Professional Advice:

In case you are facing problems in cleaning the floors, you should always take the assistance of professionals. Consider calling your flooring company, they will surely help you out with the floor problems.




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